Data Interoperability - Challenge Map

Data Interoperability

Data Interoperability

The Challenge

Students use many applications and technology tools in school, and it is challenging to integrate data from the many applications used in a district into one interface that is usable for teachers and students. Currently, teachers spend a lot of time switching between applications and dashboards in order to understand student progress. Additionally, the way data is reported makes it difficult to take action based on data (e.g. at school a student has multiple teachers, but the platform may only allow data access to one teacher per student). It is also difficult to combine the data in a cohesive way because applications and organizations label and store data in different ways. The education community at large to-date has not adopted a unified data standard, though there are efforts to do so by organizations like Ed-Fi and IMS Global. Districts, schools, leaders, and educators need data interoperability tools that support their work and create actionable information systems.

Challenge Stats


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Ideas from the Field

  • Many districts are joining communities that support the adoption of a data standard.
  • Another common strategy involves districts creating procurement requirements so that all future products align to its standards for interoperability.
  • Starting small by improving the privacy of data that is shared piece by piece through an audit is a worthwhile investment for districts.

In the Words of District Staff

I need that ability to seamlessly extract data from so many different, discrete entities to get it into one mix.

“Because everything we do is digital, I literally have a thousand data points per kid on just their schoolwork, classwork, exit tickets, that are all graded. Then, we use a lot of apps.... all of those individual apps generate a ton of data.”


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