Instructional Approaches - Challenge Map

Instructional Approaches

Challenge Map - Instructional Approaches Scaled

Planning and implementing new approaches to teaching and learning that meet the needs of each student

Teachers must make pedagogical decisions every day, from introducing tools and materials for learning to facilitating engaging classroom experiences. Making these decisions on how best to support their students’ learning is an ongoing challenge, as teachers balance content, skills, student needs, and resources. Specifically, educators are tasked with differentiating lessons for the full variability of learners in their classrooms, while also integrating active learning throughout curriculum. As they seek to achieve these goals, educators are also learning how to integrate technology tools to create these compelling learning opportunities for all of their students. Explore the challenges related to Instructional Approaches -- Teaching with Technology, Personalized Learning, and Real World Learning -- below.

Teaching with Technology

Districts are working to use technology tools in powerful ways to enhance student learning and engagement. But educational technology is not always designed to suit the needs of educators, meaning that some educators find it difficult to make best use of available technologies in their teaching practice, or are unsure how to structure and manage a classroom with student devices. How can districts support teachers in thoughtfully embedding technology into learning environments to support students?

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Personalized Learning

Educators are tasked with adapting instruction to meet the needs of students on all points of the learning continuum, with different strengths and backgrounds. But it can be challenging to individualize learning for each student, while simultaneously keeping the overall level of expectation and rigor in classrooms high. How can schools support learner variability by implementing personalized learning strategies?

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Real World Learning

Schools want to provide opportunities for students to engage in learning that is relevant to their interests and connected to the local community. But project-based learning, maker learning, and community-based learning opportunities can be challenging to implement. How can schools ensure equitable access to real world learning experiences for all students?

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