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Teaching with Technology

Teaching with Technology

The Challenge

This challenge ranked as practitioners’ #2 priority in spring 2020.

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Many districts are looking to seamlessly embed technology into learning environments in order to redesign classrooms and redefine tasks to enhance student learning and engagement. Teaching with technology is about leveraging technology to meet instructional goals, and is highly dependent on the subject area. Additionally, educators are sometimes challenged to move beyond simply substituting analog materials for digital tools. School leaders and staff are at different points regarding their knowledge of and confidence in using technology to transform teaching and learning in compelling and powerful ways. Further, educational technology is often not designed with a deep enough understanding of the workflow of classrooms and needs of teachers and students. In this context, some educators find it difficult to make best use of available technologies in their teaching practice, while others are unsure how to structure and manage a classroom with student devices.

Challenge Stats


Staff from urban districts responded this challenge is widespread and urgent


Staff from urban districts responded this challenge is experienced often


Staff from urban districts responded their school or district has made progress on this challenge

Ideas from the Field

  • In one approach, a team of educators not only adopts major instructional goals, but also considers what type of technology is most appropriate and effective for achieving those goals.
  • Instructional technology coaches are integral to many districts’ success with embedding technology. Many districts agree that not only should these coaches have excellent technology skills, but they also need to be strong in the classroom.

In the Words of District Staff

I was left to figure out how to use tools that I had heard of, but never had been taught how to use them effectively.
Elementary school teacher
Spring 2020

“Part of the problem has been the rollout of devices. One of the big problems is when everybody's getting everything all at once, it's really difficult to make sure that the devices are not just door stops. To make sure that they're being used in the methods intended...It has really forced us to think differently about instruction.”

“How do we know we're utilizing the technology in the best way possible? And how do we measure the use of the technology in the classroom?”

“It’s important to understand best practices of ‘teaching with technology’, versus what some of my teachers would call it, which would be ‘teaching technology.’ There is a subtle difference but it's a huge difference instructionally, when we think about teaching with technology in an integrated way.”


Technology Integration Matrix - From the Florida Center for Instructional Technology, the Technology Integration Matrix provides a framework for describing and targeting the use of technology to enhance learning.

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Verizon Innovative Learning Schools Educator Resources - From Digital Promise, these resources help educators understand WHY and HOW technology supports learning, connect with and learn from other educators, and use research and data to improve teaching and learning.

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